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Mentoring & Workshops

We believe in sharing the skills we have learnt with our clients’ and the wider business community. We run workshops for your organisation or through our own networks to help businesses grow.

We offer a range of workshops in the design and online marketing fields including how create a visual brand, setting up a business Facebook page, securing your online services, Facebook Advertising and tips on operating a home based business.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the training listed below, or let us know if you have a topic that you would like developed as a workshop.

Australian Small Business Advisory Services

FREE Mentoring for Small Business Owners

If you see value in some of the ideas presented or have concerns or challenges you are facing in your organisation, the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) has extended its free mentoring program.

With over 20 years’ experience in business and having been through my share of adversity during that time, I have a wealth of knowledge to call upon. As a recent participant said, “It is just great to be able to talk it through from another perspective.”

If you are looking for support or wanting to focus on an aspect of your business that you feel is aligned with our expertise in brand and business development, book here for your free 2 hour mentoring session.

Book a FREE 2 Hours Mentoring Session

FREE 6 Week Mentoring Series

A Personal Journey of Professional Development

Inspiring your organisation to stand out from your competition

We invite you to join us on a journey of personal and professional discovery. Each week we will focus on one of the following themes, provide you with key takeaways and insights along with some tasks that could be undertaken.

Courage | Resilience | Nurture | Foster | Adapt | Regenerate

Some questions we will be considering include:

  • How do we survive in challenging times personally and professionally?
  • What innovative changes can we implement to stay relevant?
  • How can we enhance staff wellbeing and stimulate customer loyalty?
  • What progressive business strategies do we need to consider?
  • Are there tasks can we undertake to enable change for the better?

Let us inspire you to make your organisation better, more durable, more innovative, and ready for new beginnings!

Yes, I'm in for my Journey of Discovery

Workshop & Training Opportunities

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Brand Identity Workshop Series

A Value Proposition is the foundation, not the presentation. It is what your business stands for - a promise to deliver a specific benefit to the customer and the unique way in which you will do so.

This series of workshops has been developed to support and challenge business owners in the development of their Value Proposition and Brand Attributes. We provide a new perspective to help you strength or establish your Brand Integrity. The time spent and the money invested to complete this process is invaluable to the sustainability of your business and customer fulfillment.


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A Digital Health Check

Do you own your domain name?

Do you need cloud email supported by Office365?

Does your website have Google Analytics and Google Console installed?

Learn the importance of having full ownership of your digital assets, why email is key to running a professional business and what insights key Google reports offer to help grow your bottom line.


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Creating a Visual Brand

Is your visual brand relevant to your business?

Does your logo describe your organisation and deliver a key message?

This hands-on workshop you will work through elements used to create a visual brand identity. The aim of this session is to create a document that can be used as the basis to develop or redevelop your branding identitiy and future material.


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