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Welcome to our mentoring series

As small business owners and industry leaders we face incredible challenges. This mentoring series has been designed to support business owners and organisation leaders in the examination of their business practices, customer loyalty and brand consistency.

Through the exploration of a weekly series of themes we will focus on building resilience, business growth through the implementation of new ideas and embracing change to survive and thrive in the face of unchartered times - all at no cost.

Why should you join this mentoring series?

  • Time for reflection
    Each week we will focus on a theme, explore the theories, provide examples, and suggest tasks that can be undertaken.

  • Explore new ideas that support your business growth
    Explore concepts that can be implemented to move forward with confidence and supercharge your business practices, marketing, and communication.

  • Shared knowledge through real life examples
    Learn from our experience, what has worked and the challenges we have encountered.

How it works?

This free mentoring series is delivered to your inbox over 6 weeks. Through a series reviewing books, documentaries, and other resources we will focus on six themes delivered weekly.

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  • Grow each week through insights, examples, and suggested tasks to inspire you to improve and strengthen your organisation.

Weekly Themes

Join this exclusive journey, let us inspire you to make your organisation better, more durable, more innovative, and ready for new beginnings!

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Fiona Larkings

Director – WWWART Design Services

An experienced small business operator since 1998, Fiona and her team inspire organisations to stand out from their competition. They work with small to medium business owners and not-for-profit organisations to develop unique branding solutions through the implementation of graphic design elements and tailored reliable websites that quickly perform in search results.

Fiona is highly motivated, and genuinely interested in seeing you achieve your goals. Fiona is passionate about building long lasting relationships through good communication and high levels of customer service. She brings a personal, reliable, professional approach and an organised methodology to each project she and her team undertake.

Fiona and her team have worked on business practices, brand strategy, brand development, graphic and website design for organisations in the health, trade, professional services, and tourism sectors.

They believe in inspiring organisations to grow through strong business practices, consistent branding and an effective website.

Mentor Expertise:
  • Business Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design including WordPress
  • Graphic Design and Infographics
  • Social Media Branding
  • Print Marketing and Digital Assets
  • Email Marketing through Mailchimp
  • Project Management
  • Domain Name Management
  • Website and Email Hosting Implementation

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